About us

Birmingham Co-operatives Housing Services (bchs) provides management services for nine housing co-operatives in the West Midlands.

About us
bchs offers a national consultancy service specialising in putting residents in control.

We are committed to developing environmentally friendly co-operative housing and mutual home ownership and are accredited by the Confederation of Co-operative Housing – the UK’s organisation for housing co-operatives and tenant-controlled housing organisations. bchs is also a member of Co-operatives West Midlands. bchs is one of seven organisations in the wider Accord Group. The Accord Group comprises Ashrammoseley, bchs, Caldmoreaccord, Direct Health, Fry Housing Trust, Heantun Housing Association and Redditch Co-operative Homes.

What is a co-operative?

Co-operatives are about giving residents opportunities. Unlike a traditional housing association in a Co-operative the tenants have control. Through regular meetings tenants are able to manage their own properties and direct how they would like to improve their own area. The co-operative supports residents to help themselves to improve their environment. All co-operatives follow a set of values and principles.